Peplink vs Mikrotik

For a long time we used to have 3 different locations connected via Mikrotik router and T1 links. Then we had the great idea of installing Peplink 380 with bonded T and cable to get more redundancy. Turns out Peplink’s VPN is not even close to Mikrotik’s. Even if we run solely on T1, the jitter is pretty bad and the time exceeds 30ms which leads to pretty bad SIP voice quality. I tried bumping up the priority but that does not help. Peplink is much easier to use though.

We are going back to mikrotik unless someone has any ideas.



Hi Nihar,

I do apologize that you are having issues with your Balance 380 and the VPN. To try and diagnose this issue would be to create a service ticket and send into us a diagnostic report while the issue is occurring along with a network diagram with your IP’s listed for review.

Instructions on capturing the report can be found at the following link-

You can create the ticket and send in everything at the following link-

Once everything is turned in, we can review the information and figure out the best way to proceed.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Best Regards,


The Peplink Team

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We retired balance one after constant crash and WAN1 disconnection. It was total nightmare. When we install mikrotik 3011 $120 vaule all works like charm and we cannot be more happier. Stay away from these devices.
Looks like bug is after bug … really frustrating. Spend a month to learn MT but now I would never go back to peplink device.