Peplink VPN IPSEC SHA-512

We have a connection with my partner. The partner requirement to us that:

    IPsec Phase 1 Authentication SHA-512
    ISPEC Phase 1 Encryption AES-256
    ISPEC Phase 1 DH Group 24
    Phase 1 SA Lifetime 86400
    IPsec Phase 2 Authentication SHA-512
    ISPEC Phase 2 Encryption AES-256
    ISPEC Phase 2 PFS Group 24
    Phase 2 SA Lifetime 3600

But I can’t see SHA-512 on Peplink router.
Do The peplink balance support VPN IPSEC SHA-512?

IPSEC SHA 512 is not supported for now. I will move this forum post under feature request to allow Engineering team to consider the feasibility.


tks, and let me know when it’s available :wink: