Peplink UBR LTE

To contain the COVID-19 outbreak, interpersonal contacts are being minimized in many countries including Mozambique. The education sector has been one of the affected by migrating classes, school talks and pedagogical council meetings to the cloud.

Teachers from various universities, public or private schools began to give classes, explanations, tests and exams at home through videoconferences. However, ADSL Internet modems and contracted bandwidth circuits perform inconsistently for bandwidth-hungry web applications. To reduce teacher and student frustration at dealing with frequent interruptions and disruptions to online Internet connectivity, DSSI suggests Peplink UBR LTE which, through SpeedFusion technology, combines 2x LTEs bandwidth for faster, unbreakable connectivity.

In addition to fast and reliable connectivity combined with 2x LTEs, Peplink’s Smoothing WAN technology ensures a seamless video stream, mitigating the effects of packet loss and network latency. As a result, everyone can work remotely and keep classes going, even at home. UBR also has the ability to remotely deploy SIM cards. This means that if a mobile phone provider loses connectivity, UBR can switch to another provider without any intervention.

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