Peplink UBR LTE OpenVPN Configuration

Dear All,
Please may I know if its possible to create an OpenVPN connection to my UBR LTE router that does not have a public IP address. We have only LTE SIM that we use to access internet and the IP from the LTE service Provider is dynamic.

How will I then establish a remote access VPN to the router without a static public IP Address.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Danny,
there are two possibility coming to my mind:

  1. Either you setup a FusionHub which has a static IP, and then create the VPN Connection to the Hub or
  2. you can try to get a static IP-Adress on your LTE-SIM. If you are located within europe, the Ascend could offer you a Multi-Net-SIM Card with a static IPv4 adress.

regards, Johannes

i have a static ip with my vpn, i use cellular to connect to it, port forward what i need to on the vpn provider site. then use for DDNS, i can then connect to the balance i use remotely. if you want to create a openvpn server, you will have to tunnel it through another vpn, which is a lot of moving parts, and most vpn providers won’t let you forward ports below port 5000, they may if you have a dedicated ip.