Peplink - two subnets, PCI compliancy


How could I use a peplink product to:

(with or without and existing router)

take one WAN static ip

allow two lan subnets to use the WAN

on one piece of hardware (peplink)

I would use pfSense and 3 nics if this were my project, but they (friend) want an appliance. I could go with a UTM (even a pfSense UTM) but I found peplink and am interested in seeing what its about. Seem to be some pretty good reviews.

I don’t really need balancing or failover stuff, just looking for a good router or switch to use with a router that will let me segregate the workstation subnet from card processing terminals subnet. Thats the end goal.

Any advice on how or what peplink might have a solution for? I can of course provide a lot more information if needed. I found peplink because it was mentioned on this article

which seems to be exactly what I want, although I was hoping for more info on exactly what model(s) would be needed, etc.

Thanks for anyone willing to divulge some info. :slight_smile:

Hi m0nkey,

This article on the forum answers your question. It describes how a Peplink BR1 can be used to separate users and devices in a retail deployment.

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Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for, just didn’t know how to term it correctly for what I wanted to do :slight_smile: