Peplink switch picking up a non valid IP

Not sure if my pic will display but I have assigned my switch a static IP 192.168.3
When I view it in incontrol in clients I see it has the above IP as well as a 169. Product Discussion It fluctuates and sometimes only shows one # or another.
Anything I can do to remedy this?

Hi Merv, it’s nice to have you back,

This is a default behavior of the SD Switch and it is harmless, it originates from the SD Switch sending ARP Ping to poll the LAN clients (to verify if the LAN client is active). Since the VLANs defined (Configure> Network Configuration) do not have an IP, the VLAN without IP will use the IP 169.x.x.x to send the probe. Because of this, you will see 169.x.x.x IP from the Balance router client list. If you don’t want to see the IP 169.x.x.x from the Balance router client list, you can configure an IP for each VLAN on the SD switch.

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Thanks for the knowledge and help.

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