Peplink Surf SOHO MK3 Throughput

Hi, I have a Surf SOHO as mentioned. I’ve recently upgraded my Internet service from 100 Mpbs to 200 Mpbs, yet my connection speeds remain at about 100 Mbps. I’ve worked with my provider (Spectrum), and they confirm my modem is provisioned for 200 Mbps. My Surf SOHOI is advertised to have a throughput of 120 Mbps. I’m doing speed tests at about 100 Mbps. Do I need a faster router? I so, which one.

You’re right. The spec sheet shows 120 mb/sec. However, I think those measurements were done in a lab environment in optimum conditions. What you’re seeing is about we see in the field.

So, in brief, yes – if you want to take full advantage of the speed of your WAN a new device would make sense. If you can say more about your requirements, including budget, you’ll likely get some advise here as to a logical upgrade path. Do you ever plan to add as second WAN? If so, would it likely be cellular?

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all the peplink devices list throughput. go to and look at the options. B20x may be your best bet. they were working on a non-cellular version but might not see that for a long time. there are some other options closer to 200mbps.

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Thanks for the information thus far. Requirements wise, I really don’t need cellular (at least for now). What I do need is 802.11ac (or better) WiFi, throughput that can leverage the cable modem’s bandwidth provisioning and the configurability of the Peplink products. Buget isn’t foremost, but I’d hope to spend no more than $400.