Peplink Surf Soho mk3 Newb Questions

This router is top notch. GREAT JOB Devs! The firmware is really good!
Seriously. I used ddwrt on a tplink…(I would advise no one trust the firmware in these.) Then switched to a netgear R6400 which had the worst firmware in the world (Took 5 min+ to boot up and was very slow/unstable).

I am a little confused about the firewall. I have version 8.0. Now all the settings are set to allow all for outgoing, incoming, and internal Lan (i think)? I ran a grc shields up and everything is stealthed which is good. For safe measure I followed’s instructions for blocking SMB, FTP, Telnet, SSH, RDP, and TFTP. Since GRC shields up says im stealth is it still worth inputting these rules in the router?

Does the content blocker self update? Can I load a list from text or excel file of domains to block?

Sorry if all this has already been answered before. I am really new here. The Vlan feature is great! I am trying to make sure my router is setup securely. I am using this as a home router on a fiber line. It was this or a ubiquity.

Big thanks to for helping me decide on which to get! Thank you for your help.

Please read the User Manual before asking questions. You can download it here. The one for the Surf SOHO is regularly updated.

As for the inbound firewall, this is indeed confusing. Out of the box, the Surf SOHO blocks all WAN ports, so inbound you don’t need to do anything (unless you want port forwarding). Better than blocked, ports are Stealth as reported by Shields Up.

As for outbound firewall rules, everyone has different needs. By default everything is allowed out. Most, if not all routers, ship with this default.