Peplink Surf Soho mk 3 still freezing/ dropping wifi


“Hello, when I got the Surf Soho mk3 when it came out I loved it. Now for awhile it has been freezing up multiple times a week. I looked up how to schedule reboots and had it reboot weekly. That didn’t help much. Then I set it to reboot daily. Still coming home to no wifi multiple times a week. After searching this forum I learned how to set up scheduled rebooting but I didn’t find any other remedy. I like all the security features it has and I was gonna wait for another firmware update but I’ve lost my patience. Please help. Thank you!”

I posted this back in January 2019 before i updated to the latest firmware update. The issues seemed to be fixed by the firmware for a few weeks but now i’m experiencing the same problems as before. Just an hour ago my wifi dropped so I unplugged/ replugged power only to have it freeze again just a few minutes ago. Downright infuriating. Please help.


Please identify whether this is related to Wifi interference or device hangs. Please connect your laptop directly to the LAN port of MK3 when the problem occurs. The laptop managed to grab IP and access web admin of MK3?

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