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I understand that support is weekdays only. 24x7x365 is important, as we often wait days for support on failure of devices which have >100 remote sites depending on them.
Are there advanced support options available? What do you suggest?


Hi Dana, we will look the delays you experienced. This is abnormal.

Regarding customer support, we need to clarify that Peplink does not provide direct support service to enterprise customers. Our business products are sold and supported locally by our international certified partners. They will be able to provide different service levels as requested by end customers.

Hi Keith,
Thanks for your response.
I understand your point about the support demarcation. But it appears there might be a gap. May I ask a couple questions to clarify?
i, Does Peplink provide the distributors with full management access to every aspect of each Peplink device that Peplink engineering have?
ii, And are the distributors trained by Peplink to exercise that access in the same level of depth that, for example, Peplink’s own, or Juniper or Cisco TAC engineers would?

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Dana, you have made very good points indeed. We are not yet there but Peplink is working to make engineering tools available to tier-1 partners to help troubleshooting and support. These tools will enable partners do be self sufficient in dealing with in depth device support.

There’s a discussion thread in the partner area for discussing the feature wishes. We invite all partners to participate and voice out your wishes. Thanks.

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Thanks Keith,

Can you send me a link to the thread in the partner area?




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Hi Dana,

Here is the requested link:

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