Peplink Static Route

Dear All,

We are deploying VLAN in a corporate network. We have setup VLAN on a D-Link L3 Switch as per attached photo.

Network Diagram

I have set Static route on D-Link L3 Switch to point to Peplink Getway IP

I have also added Static route on PepLink to →

The VLAN2 is able to ping but the rest of the VLAN are not able to Ping PepLink Gateway

Please help.

Dear Dhaval.shah

you said that you have added a Static route on Peplink to Vlan 2 and is able to ping, perhaps you also need to add a static route on Peplink to CCTV and VLAN 4
192.168.8.x >
172.20.20.x >

Let me know if this works


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