Peplink speed fusion with Dynamic IP


Hi there,

My query is about configuring Peplink speedfusion/VPN bonding between 2 devices. One is in DC and one is at branch office which does not have dynamic IP. Would wanted to know

If Speedfusion/VPN bonding can be done between these devices?
Can someone please point me to the link about configuring the setup? If the other end does not dynamic IP how do I configure both the boxes?

Thanks and Regards,
Blason R


Hello Blason,

You should be able to setup PepVPN/SpeedFusion on these devices. If the device in DC has a public static IP address you can point the branch office at the device in DC. Another option would be to setup Dynamic DNS on the branch office router.

Jason has created a guide for setting up PepVPN/SpeedFusion using both the UI and InControl2. This can be found here.


Great thanks for the reply. Well this branch office is in Dubai and heard that there are lot of issues with ISP there. Does any one in the community have office in Dubai and have a working configuration?