Peplink & Solarwinds Orion

As a long time Peplink supporter I would like to offer up another potential improvement. I’m in the process of upgrading our current network performance monitoring system and have chosen Solarwinds Orion software as the new NPM application. What I’ve found is that even with Solarwinds extensive MIB database the Peplink shows up as a default Linux SNMP device.

What I would like to request at this time is for Peplink to submit their SNMP MIB info to Solarwinds to be included in their product. What I really need to see is interface errors in addition to memory and CPU utilization. It would also be nice to see the software version and possibly the hardware version and serial number.


Hi Jason,

And I see you already finding your way to our new forum :slight_smile: yes we will take a closer look at having our MIB on SolarWinds MIB database.

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has this been integrated with solarwinds orion?

Some on knows when Peplink’s MIB will be integrated with Solarwinds?


As mentioned in another forum thread, we know that Solarwinds doesn’t allow importing MIBs option.

You might need to send a request to Solarwinds support together with Peplink MIB, so Solarwinds might be include it in their next software release.

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Are you referring to include Peplink MIB in Solarwinds MIB database , so that Solarwinds capable to monitor Peplink devices ?

If yes, please refer to the URL below:

Sit Loong

Solarwinds reply to my request and they said it’ll not included the PepLink MIB. In other hand, i think this approach should be from PepLink and not from Solarwinds users. It’s from PepLinks interest its products be supported by Solarwinds.

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Please reed this thread, Peplink | Pepwave - Forum, and this one, Peplink | Pepwave - Forum. As you can read, Solarwinds are not reading right values, this is because it not use the righ OID, Solarwinds use the universal linux MIB to monitoring PepLink devices.

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Hi AM,

After re-visit the entire “conversation”, we would like to take on the approach as you mentioned to liaise with Solarwinds to see if we could work things out for you.

Would you mind to forward us the response from Solarwinds on the Peplink MIB inclusion? So, we could follow up directly with Solarwinds from there on. I will PM you shortly our email contact.

Stay tuned for the update. :slight_smile:

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Any news on this?


We still working on this. Stay tuned.


Yes i’ve…

Solarwind’s support, finally, add the PepLink MIB on its database, but this does not change anything.

The interfaces errors and events still appear on the Soliwinds events as “device reboot” instead the WAN disconnect/connect.

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Adelio Moreira

Hi Adelio,

Thank you for your feedback.

We will work things out with Solarwinds to solve this issue.

Thanks and regards.

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Hello Peplink Team. I was just asked whether or not Solar Winds can manage Peplink devices. After reading through this entire thread, I do not see a clear YES or NO answer. Are you able to provide a clear answer to this?