Peplink Soho throughput

I understand that throughput on the Soho is capped at 120mbps. I am trying to understand why mine is so much slower. If I do a speed test on a hardwired computer I can get 120-200mbps (spectrum cable). On those same days the best throughput from the WiFi is about 40mbps on 2.4ghz and 50mbps on 5ghz line. Any thoughts? I don’t have any exotic features enables. Channel selection is set to auto for WiFi.

WiFi is always complicated. When you say you get speeds over 120Mbps, I have to assume that is directly connected to the modem. Yes?

Try setting the WiFi channels manually. If one does not work, try another. Also, if you change the channel width on 5GHz it may go faster. If you live in a crowded WiFi neighborhood, there are limits to how fast it will ever go. I live next to many many networks and the speeds you are seeing are pretty normal for me. In a crowded area, a narrower channel with might help.

That said, much depends on the client device, the router is not the only party here. Best to test Wifi with the newest most expensive device you can find. And, goes without saying, try more than one testing app/site.

Use something like iperf3 to test speed between wifi device and hardwired lan device to see if its wifi speed or routing speed thats the issue.

Make sure wifi wan is completely disabled and not in “scanning” mode as that seems to impact lan wifi.