Peplink Soho Mk3. "no cable detected" to a Hitron Cable Modem

hi. this is my 2nd pepwave soho mk3. bought one for my home and its so good i bought one for the office.

the office has a HITRON cable model CODA-4582
the settings in the pepwave are via Static ip with defined ip, gateway and 2 dns servers

i have the exact same static connection settings as the TPLink router.
i have the exact same rest of settings as my home PPOE pepwave

the cable works fine to the TPLink and i have tried 3 or 4 cables. so it cant be the cable
i have upgraded the firmwave to 8.1.3 for the mk3

the problem is the WAN Connection Status page for the WAN says. “No Cable Detected”

does anyone have any idea?

is the Pepwave soho mk3 not capatable with the Hitron cable modem?

any help is appreciated. I would hate to have to return it.


Try power cycling the modem with the router powered on.
If that fails, leave the modem on and try power cycling the router.

If both fail, try connecting the WAN port of the SOHO to a LAN port on the TP-Link just to make sure the Ethernet port is functional.