Peplink SOHO and Elevate USB


I am able to connect the Elevate with the USB to the Peplink SOHO but am unable to access websites when when I disconnect the Cable modem.

I can ping IP addresses. My guess is there is something wrong with DNS. I have tried various settings without success.
Any advice is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

The Elevate settings:
WiFi Disabled (it does work when connected directly via USB to the laptop)
Router IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Hostname: att
VPN passthrough: Enabled
DHCP server: Tried en and disabled.

Smiles across the wires,


Please make sure your SOHO is not using the same address, this conflicts with the Elevate.

If need be you can open a support ticket via our site:

Thanks for your help.
Meantime I have opened a support ticked, looking forward to their reply :slight_smile:

Need assistance changing the IP address. Tried to do this on the Elevate but that did not work. Most likely I changed the wrong IP address setting…