Peplink site to site vpn connection issue


I have a Peplink Balance 380 in our main office and a Balance 310 set in a remote office. I have tried to set up a site to site vpn with no success.
I have opened up port 32015 on both routers and forwarded the traffic to each Peplink device but the connection will not establish?

Can anyone advise of some troubleshooting tips?


Are we on firmware 5.4? If so, the first thing I am going to do is to make sure we have UDP 4500 forwarded to Peplink as well, besides TCP port 32015.

If not, please make sure we have TCP and UDP port 32015. One easy way to see if the routers in front of Peplink is blocking the connection is to remove them for a try. Thanks.

Hi Kurt

Thanks for coming back to me, when you say remove the routers, what do you mean exactly? I think it is the routers causing the issue as when I test to see that the ports are open it is showing them as closed even though I know that they are open?

Thanks. If we suspect the routers connected to Peplink WAN ports are not port forwarding properly, we can check with the router vendor to see how to configure port forwarding with their router. They know their device best I am sure.