Peplink SDX

Hi Forum
I just took deleivery of peplink SDX with default 2wan SPF+ port, 2Gb Ether wan port and 8* Gb Lan port. My quesiton is, it is posible to convert like 2 or 4 of the Gb LAN port to WAN? If yes, any pointers would be appreciated.
I read somewhere that the ports can be configured as both WAN/LAN but while I can convert the WAN to LAN (which is not what I need), I can’t seems to be able to convert the LAN to WAN.
Thanks in anticipation of any response.

I don’t have one powered up here to check at the moment but I’m pretty sure the integrated 8 x GBE ports on the base SDX can only be LAN.

If you buy the 8 port module those can be WAN or LAN.

On both you can turn the WAN ports into LAN ports.

@MartinLangmaid is right!