Peplink’s syslog message list


Could you please provide full syslog messages list ( syslog , event etc. ) ?
So Our customer ask me that what is the detail level of peplink’s syslog messages?


The syslog message list is the same as the event log. So anything that gets logged to the event log will also get sent to the syslog server.


Thanks Tim,
But I need full message list like as the following.

-WAN X Connceted
-WAN X Disconncted ( DNS health-check failure )
-System: Time synchronization successful
-System started
-System: Configuration Changes applied



By right this should be logged. Please find the example screen shot below. Please open ticket at for further checking.


Hi Aytan,

Tim is correct. The syslog messages are same as the event logs.


Hi Liew,
Ok I understood. But my question is not "Are syslog messages same as the event logs?"
I need list of messages . Can you provide full event log messages ?If you said that you can see from event log section…How can I learn all event messages without event occur?