Peplink router with GPS Solution


The customer is having a VPN (mpls) SIM Card which is highly secured and they are looking for a GPS solution, in which the router need to trace out the exact location, where the telecom operator will just enable the IP address for the platform to find the location.

So here I want to know the peplink router supports it without an internet connection?

as the customer has a clear demand that there should be no interference for the internet in the router there will be one VPN simcard without an internet just enabling few IP Addresses.

The GPS module does not need internet access to work, but the easiest way to view location and position history is by using the public hosted incontrol2.

GPS data could however be sent over the MPLS /vpn connection to a 3rd party private hosted GPS server if they had one.

You can also buy a privately hosted version of InControl2 (which is used by hospitals, banks and governments who also wnt to keep their data internal) to keep everything off of the internet but still have the device management and visibility - including live GPS location.

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