Peplink Router Utility App via Incontrol2

Dear Peplink,

A lot of our costumers use the “Peplink Router Utility app”. But our problem is that the router must be connected to an open external IP address.
In most country’s we have an external IP address but in some country’s 3G is behind the NAT of the provider. Also when we connecting to a WiFi Hotspot we don’t have an open external IP address either.
But in all of these cases Incontrol2 works like a charm.

So our Feature Request is: Could you make a possibility to let the “Peplink Router Utility app” connecting via Incontrol2 in stead of an external IP address. Or connecting via an another way without having the restrictions of needing an open external IP.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

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I thought this already existed, since the product page for InControl advertises “Combine with our free smartphone Router Utility app for push notifications on WAN failure”, but I couldn’t find a way to set this up.

@Nick_Bliss our apology that you didn’t get a reply. We have put the InControl app on the roadmap. Thanks for the feedback.

@browlry currently the Router Utility app has no integration with InControl. They work separately. This will all change when the InControl app is available.

ETA is expected in Q1 '17.


@Keith this is GREAT news. Looking forward to Q1 2017. Would love to beta when you get to the point.


@Keith Thank you for putting it on the Roadmap.