PepLink Router Freq.3G 700Mhz Panama City


My costumer lives in Panama City where the 3G freq. is 700 Mhz, now I have read the Us specification but I did not understand this works or not.

Please can help me!

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Marco B.

Are you referring to 4G LTE instead of 3G?

Hi Tim

Thank you for your response , but I buy one modem Router ( MaxBr1 or Transit ) it’s working in this country, I preferred 4G But my costumer he told me This:

We use 3G in our Network, in the other hand we are implementing LTE but we do not have a 100% coverge. el dispositivo sería compatible con nuestra plataforma móvil a nivel de 3G no en LTE, ya que utilizamos APT 700Mhz (Banda 28)

4G LTE is using Band 28 on 700MHz in Panama. Please confirm with the carrier on what 3G band/frequency is in use.

Hi Tim, which MAX Router support LTE Band 28 at 700MHZ ?
I See on this link that the max router does not support this band, can you confirm this ?


Hi Antonio, none of our current models support Band 28 but we will be releasing updated versions that do. ETA is 2-3 months out. Thanks.

Tim can you tell me more about the release of updated versions that do support Band 28 LTE in Panama? I have a customer request that is moving a small yacht to Panama after spending a month or 2 in Florida and the Bahamas. I see embedded cards that have more bands coming out from Sierra Wireless … the 7455 was the one that originally interested me until I was handed this Panama Band 28 problem. It looks like the 7430 will do Band 28. I don’t know if it will also work in the U.S. and the Bahamas, though. What models will have this … and can we have a dual US and Band 28 possibility? P.S. I am Alan Spicer Marine Telecom.

The 7430 does indeed support Band 28 but otherwise has limited to no support for any of the US carriers. Actually, this module is targeted for the APAC market. We will have a version that supports both a US module and an APAC module in the same device, stay tuned. :slight_smile:

This might interest you:

Thanks for sharing the link, I just bookmarked the main site :up:

Do I need to be on an email notification list or something? How will I stay tuned? :slight_smile:

We will announce it on the Forum and our website :slight_smile:

A few months has passed by … any news on this? Also how about LTE Advanced?

We expect to be launching these in October, thanks for your patience!