Peplink router as radius client with FortiAuthenticator

HI I want to know how to configure a peplink router as radius client with FortiAuthenticator.

Which bit do you want to tie to FortiAuth?

Gui login?

Adding the RADIUS server to the Peplink is easy enough, in the GUI it’s under “Network → Misc Settings”, and then just set RADIUS auth under “System → Admin Security”.

Only thing I’m not sure of where to set is what NAS ID the Peplink will present, but that should be easy enough to look for in logs.

Something else I’m not sure how you’d achieve is making the 2FA side work if you have FortiTokens…

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we are a team and we want to force access to equipment with the token, to that we have a fortiauthenticator and Peplink routers.


er configuration, we have an error message on the peplink router side, at the level of the fortiauthenticator the synchronization is ok

but access to the equipment is still not possible

I think “failed to connect radius” is pretty self explanatory and where you need to start looking.

Does your Peplink have a valid route / return route to the RADIUS server.

Is the Peplink failing to connect because of some NAS-ID mismatch, check the logs on the RADIUS server perhaps?

Is the Peplink sourcing traffic from the expected interface - you may need to capture some packets to check that though.

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Thanks Sir, we do appreciate your help toward us.
But we have another request, May you provide to us your Email so we can share with you our Wireshark file in order for you to check it out.

I send you the snap from the radius server,

please watch.