Peplink Puma antenna mount for marine applications

I just received my first Peplink Puma antenna for a marine application.

I assumed the PUMA-401-S-W-6 (IP67 Omni 5-in-1 4x4 MIMO LTE / GPS Antenna) would include a marine 1 1/4” threaded base or adapter.

Please advise on marine 1 1/4” threaded base adapter / accessory options.

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Good Afternoon
We don’t supply the mounting base as there are many different ways to install the antenna which wouldn’t required a base.

The thread specifications are 1.25" -11TPI (ISO 228/1-G 1)

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The threaded base on the PUMA-401-S-W-6 I received = approximately 1.9" diameter = dead end with the existing 1 1/4" mounts on the vessel.

Is there a 1.9" to 1 1/4" ‘down adapter’ available?

Did I receive the incorrect antenna from Frontier?

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PUMA-401-S-W-6 thread specifications = 1.25" -11TPI (ISO 228/1-G 1) ?

PDF has photos with ruler confirming dimension issue

PUMA dimensions.pdf (76.5 KB)

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The thread size is relative to the internal dimension if that thread was on a pipe, not the actual measurement of the thread

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“Contents in overhead bin may have shifted during flight” ?

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That made me chuckle

Sorry, that difference was not clear on the previous document (it is now that i’ve seen it from a different angle).
The thread size is the same however.

The antennas I have are early versions and don’t have those cut-aways. The cut–aways are visible on our latest data sheet however.
pepwave_puma_401_datasheet(2).pdf (2.8 MB)

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Thx !

Please put chairs and tray tables in upright position for landing…

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Did you ever figure out a work out fir marine installation. I just got as well and I’m scratching my head on this one.

I had a local machinist fab up a plastic adapter for $100.

Not cost effective.

I’m really hoping Peplink can tweak the current antenna housing design and produce a marine version sooner than later.

Both Poynting & Airmar did this with their mast antennas.

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plastic doesnt last in the sun/UV on a boat… mounts should ideally be metal…

It’s the high end marine version

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I second the request for a marine-friendly adapter for PUMA antennas. Ideally an adapter would result in female 1" x 14 threads.

Hi William,

for this kind of adapter if there is there a difference to have it made from metal or plastic?

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