Peplink PRODUCT and SUPPORT team - World Class, here's why

Hi All & Big Up for Tim_S (Peplink Team)

Let me share a good news story with y’all from someone in the UK.

If anyone is out there considering making a purchase of the PEPLINK product, I really think you’ll be making a great call.

I only have a Balance One, and I’m only concerned (on this occasion with my 2 x 76Mb/s BT Fibre connections into it)

I needed to swap out 2 older home routers for 2 of the latest from British Telecom and I’d misconfigured my Balance One and couldn’t remember what I had done 2 years ago. But the whole installation worked, both reliably and speedily.

Long story short - With an out of warranty product, but a request on this forum - Tim_S from the Peplink team kindly talked me through some changes we needed to make, connected remotely to my Balance One, Connected remotely to my laptop and made some config changes to my setup, allowing me to implement the 2 routers and improve my speed and throughput by about 10% - Thanks Tim.

The great news is that whilst I am only a home user, I have spent the last 20 years working in the IT departments as a Project/Pgm manager and a long ago MCSE for 4 of the largest companies in the world : British Telecom/Barclays Bank/Unilever and Astrazeneca. WHENEVER I get the opportunity to shout about the Peplink Product or the SUPPORT team with any of my old colleagues - Then I most certainly WILL. !!

Great companies are born out of great products but without Great service they will whither and die. Go Peplink. !!


This is an Epic post! Am always happy to hear a fellow countryman talk about Peplink - it doesn’t happen enough :wink:


Cheers Martin - It reflected the support I received - across a 3 hour period. Excellent work by any standard.