Peplink PPTP Server and Linux

I have network manager on Fedora 17 connecting to the peplink PPTP Server for a several minutes (depends on traffic). But transfer a few 3M jpg and the connection hangs and/or dies. It works fine from my iPhone so only seems to be a problem with Linux.

Any one run into this problem? Or better yet a solution?

What is the MTU size on the WAN of the Peplink that you are using? Please try the Auto MTU and then connect the PPTP again to see any improvement

I used to have similar situation with Ubuntu. It was the MTU I figured.

Well my WAN is set to auto now and it’s picking up the default 1440. What was the settings you used on Ubuntu to get this working? Mind posting your config?

1400 works for me. Trust that we are having the latest firmware on Peplink as well?

I have the latest firmware and 1400 isn’t working for me. Any other suggestions? Even a set of debugging instructions might be helpful :smiley:

If you are using “Static IP” type, please try manual MTU 1500. If you are using “PPPoE” please try 1492.

BTW, please make sure you are on latest firmware 5.4.6 which you can download here

If the above suggest still does not address the issue, please contact us here