PepLink PowerPoint Slides??

I have just taken the exam, and I am seeing to re-read slides in the PCE trainings…however I do not see any so called ‘slides’. Please can someone assist?

Hi @April_Marks . You should be able to find them by reviewing this thread in the Forum.

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Hello Rick, thank you, however I still do not see the Slides themselves, just the videos.

Yes, OK, I see that. Thanks. Perhaps @Cassy_Mak or @Stone_Hsu can point you in the right direction. I thought I had seen a slide deck other than within the webinars but I may be wrong about that.


Thank you, I look forward to getting the information

Hi April,

Please visit announcement section or Peplink Presentation Resources post in the partner section.

Thank you.


Hi April,

Thanks for the messages. We’ve already sent the slides of all three sessions to you via email. Please check them out!



Hi Cecilia,
My name is Moses and I’d also like to request for the slides as I’m preparing for the PCE Exam. I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Could you please send them to [email protected].


Can you please sent me the Slides too at [email protected]
Thanks in advance


Hello, I searched through all of the announcements for the last 2 years and was unable to locate any posts containing the PCE 4.0 slides. I was able to log in from my partner account and found the slides with the link you provided but without a partner account I haven’t found a way to get to the slides. Is there any issue simply sharing links to the slides here or on the announcement where the video links are?

Hi Kip,

Please try the link below:
PCE 4.0 Training Session 1

PCE 4.0 Training Session 2

PCE 4.0 Training Session 3

Peplink 101
T01: What is SpeedFusion? (Slide)
T02: What is SpeedFusion Cloud? (Slide)
S01: Peplink Partner Resource (Slide)
S02: The Best Seller + Deal registration (Slide)
T03: How to configure outbound policy (Slide)
S03: Track Your Business with Partner Pavilion (Slide)
M01: How to draw a Peplink network diagram (Slide)
T04: InControl2 at a Glance (slide)

Thank you.

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Awesome! I just confirmed that I am able to hit those links from my personal/individual account when shared here. Thanks for knocking that out so quickly!