Peplink POC for Multi-Site Office Graphic Design Firm- Non Intrusive Deployment Alongside An Exisiting VPN Solution For Real World Testing


  • Design firm is using Juniper VPN WAN environment linking two offices.
  • Ipsec VPN in use across single DSL connections at the locations.
  • The offices send a lot of data to each other over the VPN and require more bandwidth.


  • Organization would like to evaluate Peplink routers, using existing live sites in a low risk manner.
  • Peplink equipment should be installed in parallel with existing Juniper VPN equipment for out of hours testing.
  • Setup needs to be low risk, Peplink POC configuration and testing should have little or no effect on live user experience.
  • Easy to switch to Peplink - When the organization decides to switch to Peplink, little additional configuration should be required.

Recommended Solution**:

  • Install Peplink Balance devices alongside existing VPN equipment using dedicated DSLs.
  • Disable DHCP on the Peplinks at the remote sites so that only specific LAN clients that have been manually configured with the Peplink balance as their default gateway will connect over SpeedFusion VPN. All other devices retain their existing configuration and will use the existing VPN connections.
  • Connect Peplink equipment directly to existing DSL routers to allow for SpeedFusion Bonding testing across multiple links.
  • Only run bandwidth and speed tests outside of office hours.
  • When ready to migrate to Peplink SpeedFusion VPN as their WAN solution, DHCP is enabled on the Peplinks, the Juniper devices are turned off and all DHCP LAN clients are restarted so they use the Peplink as their default gateway.

Devices Deployed**: Balance 310

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