Peplink Pepwave utility app / MAX BR1


I was wondering how to install all 5 my devices on the Pepwave/Peplink utility app on IOS.
I keep getting the ‘error in communicating with the router’ notification.

The routers are on board of 5 vessels with 5 cellular/SIM connections, with all different device names.
Can anybody help me find the right Hostname? I also doubt about the device name. I assume this is the device name I gave them at Incontrol2?

Thanks allot!


Hostname = Public IP of your connection or DYNDNS hostname.

Thanks Jarid,

Maybe a bit stupid of me… but where can I find that Public IP or DYNDNS hostname in the PepWave Admin page?

Hi Willem,

May I know what is the IP address shows on BR1’s cellular interface (Dashboard > “Details” of cellular WAN)? Public or private IP?

Private IP range

If it is a public IP

  1. You may enable Find My Peplink in InControl2

  1. Then you may configure the Find My Peplink Address into the Router Utilities (Peplink’s apps) with the respective login credential.

If it is a private IP

We have not much choice here. I suggest using InControl2 monitor those devices. You may enable the E-mail Notifications if needed.

Hi TK,

Thanks for your reply. As far as I can see now, I think we have a private IP. See screenshot here attached.
Than I think it’s not possible to use the Utility app as far as I understand from your last thread?

Thanks, Willem

That is correct, you are getting a private IP address and not a public one. I recommend to use InControl2 to monitor instead. Thanks.