Peplink Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 Router (SUS-SOHO-T)

The above router is sold by Amazon. Is this the same one that authorized Peplink resellers sell?
The router was recommended in an article by Paul Wagenseil for small businesses with a home LAN.
Once I buy this router, where can I find resources to install and configure the Peplink router, as I am not knowledgeable about networks?
Thanks, CMA

If you need after-sales support then I recommend buying from a certified partner. offers 1 year of free support. Thanks.

Don’t buy this router off amazon. They sell cheap stuff but they really don’t care about you after the fact. I agree with the above poster, 3g is good. They will provide a few basic tips on setup. They had a top 5 security tasks to do which went beyond the usual: change your default password (ok, I am able to feed and cloth myself in the morning, people), block LAN traffic to your modem, add lan-only https with random port to admin console login URL, enable anti-ddos options (it’s obvious but the checkbox is kind of tucked away), and change your router’s default IP data.

However, this this is a near-enterprise router.

If you have only known the router-modems that ISPS give you or a simple $50 netgear your whole life you might be pretty overwhelmed. I know I am, which is why I’m piecing together information that could be helpful for people like us. It’s a very difficult area to break into particularly since so much could go wrong if you do something incorrectly.

I was going to buy this router from to replace my Netgear router. However, thanks to your warning, I will stick with the Netgear, as I don’t want to lose connectivity due to the extreme complexity of the Peplink router.
It is easy to have a checklist, but not so easy to know how to do the things on the checklist.
I was hoping that there would be experts on this forum who could show a newbie how to set up the Peplink router.