Peplink Pepwave Surf On-The-Go Wi-Fi Router (SUS-AGN1) Work with WIFI extender?

Hello Everyone:

Currently, I am using Verizon Unlimited Data plan and using Jet Packs to supply my internet. I have a Peplink Pepwave Surf On-The-Go Wi-Fi Router (SUS-AGN1) tethered through USB to give connectivity to all my devices and it is pretty good for devices close by.

I would like to extend to the coverage in the house even more, would a device like this work to piggy back off of the pepwave or should I look into a different device?

Amped Wireless ATHENA-EX, High Power AC2600 Wi-Fi Range Extender with MU-MIMO (RE2600M)

Thank you for the help.

Hello @maverik4k ,
Here are some past posts and articles on the subject for you to read through, you may find some useful information amongst them.

Professionally we do not recommend using any Wi-Fi Extenders of any brand, they are an absolute last resort in our book as we see more issues with them than they solve. You are better to use a more suitable (or additional) Pepwave WAP with your existing solution than an extender. If you must use a Wi-Fi Extender, then use an extender with the same chip set as the manufacture (almost impossible to tell who is using what) or from the manufacture of your sources WAP such as in this situation the Pepwave Device Connector.

We recommend that you contact your local Peplink Partner for guidance on the right Pepwae WAP or Device Connector for your environment.
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Marcus :slight_smile: