Peplink Pepwave Router Utility smart phone App - Improved Visual Status


I think the Peplink Pepwave Router Utility is a great App for the smart phone.

I do have a feature request. On the Main Devices screen when an Wan Connection becomes unavailable the Visual Indicator should turn amber to indicate an underlying issue on that device. Currently if multiple WAN links are in place and one goes offline the Main Device screen still indicates a green status.

Thank You…

James Walker

Hello James,

Thank you for the input and we will take this into consideration. Anyone else who would like to see this, please let us know your thought as well.

This would be nice as well as being able to reboot from Utility app. Maybe put in a 4 digit pass-code before being able to reboot device or something. Also the ability to send a notification when the device has reached a specified Up-time in terms of days.

One more thing to add. It would be nice if the Utility App could automatically pick up a new dynamic IP address that the ISP assigns. Having to manually go in all the time an retype in the new dynamic IP can get annoying.

If it is dynamic I would setup DynDNS and assign a host name to the WAN connection. Then in the router utility app, just input the host name instead of the IP address. That way whenever the IP address changes, the host name set will automatically update with the new IP.

Good Idea, thanks ill do that.