Peplink/Pepwave API feature


Is there an API with which I can force the pepwave to reboot


Ping devices by API
API for GPS Forwarding


At this time our API’s don’t have support listed for rebooting a unit but I believe that this functionality may be getting adding in the future. I’m going to check with our engineers and should have an answer for you within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Our current documentation can be found here:



Would you able to share your requirement this ?

  • Any special reason why you need to reboot the pepwave devices via API ?
  • You need to API for device level or IC2 cloud Level ?


We have pepwaves that usually the “GPS Forwarding” is turned off.
from time to time we do need to turn it on, Is there any API that we can use from our system?


Would you please provide more info for the use case ? Why you need to turn off the “GPS Forwarding” ? Beside that may i know the device is manage via IC2 ?


Usually we are using other GPS (that means that the “GPS Forwarding” is off) but sometimes (when this GPS is not working) we need to turn on the GPS Forwarding through our customer support system.



Usually how you connect to the pepwaves devices ? You need to turn off the “GPS Forwarding” base on specific device only ?


Currently we using the “InControl” to change it for each pepwave device.
and yes we turning on/off the “GPS Forwarding” for specific device only.



Is there an API with which I can ping an IP address of a network device (that is connected to this pepwave) and get the ping status as a return value?




I have merged all your questions regarding to Peplink API under this forum post so that we can have better discussion here.

Your questions:

  • API to reboot device
  • API to turn on/turn off GPS forwarding.
  • API to perform ping and get back the request.

We have 2 type of API support for Peplink/Pepwave products:

  1. IC2 cloud API
  1. Device level API
  • This is not yet publicly release, if you want to check on the feature, please contact Peplink local partner and they will bridge you to the correct team to work on this.

Your request seem more to device level API that you need to send configuration/command to the individual device.