PepLink NOOB!

Hello PepLink community!!

I wanted to drop by and see if I could get some community help from you guys. I am new to the world of Peplinks and I am currently taking over a position at a new company that uses one in there Las Vegas office. Unfortunately the previous IT guy didn’t do much documentation so I am flying blind as to how things are configured around here. I am hoping some of you guys can provide some assistance in trying to figure all this out.

So we have a PepeLink 580 in place with 2 DSL lines from CenturyLink. We have a total of 20 servers in Las Vegas so far from what I can tell here is how everything is physically connected.

DSL 1 to PepLink WAN1
DSL 2 to PepLink WAN2

PepLink LAN1 to Cisco 6509
Cisco 6509 to SonicWALL NSA 2400

The 20 servers in question here are on VLAN 3 with all the servers are statically assigned an IP in the range (made up address for public reference). So far from what I have found of the 20 servers 10 of them are going out the PepLink DSL lines (verified via Gateway, and quick traceroute of those 10 have a gateway IP that points to the Peplink (

Servers 01-10 : Peplink Gateway
Servers 10-20 : SonicWALL Gateway

I see the SonicWALL has an address object for network and it also has two separate host objects for and the two gateways I am assuming.

So the real reason I am here is because on Tuesday morning we had our primary internet (Level3) go down in Las Vegas. Nothing was able to get out. It was my understanding that the 10 servers on the PepLink should have still been able to get out to the internet correct?

Am I missing a link here? Would the SonicWalls main internet line being down affect the other 10 servers on the Peplink? It’s a little confusing for me. I was not in the building during the outage so I can’t tell if the DSL lines in the PepLink were down during this time as well. From what I hear from the ISP one of the carrier switches went down.

Could it be that CenturyLink and Level3 were on the same carrier switch that went down? That is the only explanation I can come up really … but the kicker here is that we also have a 3rd DSL line that was up and running from what I hear during the outage which is punched down to the same block as the other 2 DSL lines.

I am sorry for the long post… like I said I am just trying to figure out all this stuff and get a handle on the Peplink as well.

Hi SiRMarlon,

Base on the description above if the provided info are correct, Sonicwall & Peplink connected devices should connect independently thus it should not affect each others.

Seem this is not the expected behavior (Sonicwall Primary Link down, Peplink Network will affected), I would suggest that you may need to take sometimes to further understand the defined settings for all the network devices in the network that include Peplink device, Sonicwall device, Cisco Switch and also the 20 Servers. It maybe some settings define without your knowledge that cause the 2 independent network are linked together.

For further assistant, i would also suggest you to contact Peplink local certified partner to assist you to understand the defined settings for the Peplink device.

Thank You