Peplink Newsletter | MAX BR1, SpeedFusion & GITEX 2012

Introducing the MAX BR1
Industrial-Grade M2M 4G LTE Router


The Pepwave MAX BR1, our latest addition to the best-selling MAX mobile family, is now shipping. Compact and ready for anything, this blazing-fast 4G LTE router delivers unparalleled uptime and dependability at a budget-friendly price. Featuring 4G LTE/3G modems and automatic WAN and IPsec failover, the MAX BR1 keeps critical voice, data, and video streams flowing fast, without interruption, wherever the road takes you. Find out more about the MAX BR1 4G LTE router.

SpeedFusion Saves a Quarter Million
While Improving Internet Performance

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See how an Australian manufacturer got a big leap in bandwidth with big ongoing savings at our community forum - they have found that the Peplink Balance not only greatly improves their Internet experience, but that it will also save a quarter million in the years to come. Also check out our new webpage today and see how SpeedFusion beats MPLS and other technologies in performance and reliability, all at a fraction of the cost.

We’re Back from GITEX!


GITEX Technology Week in Dubai was a wonderful opportunity to meet partners and customers and share our SpeedFusion™ bonding technology, Peplink/Pepwave product lineup, and solution roadmap. We had a great time, took a lot of fun photos, and got some really helpful feedback and insight.

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Can you specify the 4G module technical information - who is manufacturer of 4G chipset? And, is this 4G embedded to motherboard or can be changed later, for example, having 3G version today, can we replace module to different one later on? How this MAX BR1 handles onboard SIMs - how long it takes for secondary SIM to wake up when primary coverage is lost?

Here is detailed technical specs with the MAX BR1.

MAX BR1 4G LTE and 3G versions comes in different part numbers. We will want to sort our requirement before placing an order - 4G LTE version is backward compatible with 3G.

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