Peplink multi-wan traffic load balance issue

We have 4 of B2500(2 Server, 2 Client) for and 1 of B1350(Client)
Each Peplink have more than 3 wan-link( download/upload bandwidth : 100Mbps/100Mbps or 300Mbps/100Mbps)
We found the traffic can’t load balance between the wan-links.
The traffic will be only on one or two wan-link.

How do we improve the issue?
All Peplink firmware as below
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6.2.0 build 1333

thank you

Is this a SpeedFusion deployment? If so, all of the WAN connections should be set as Priority 1 within the SpeedFiusion profile.

If you are still having issues please open a support ticket so we can look into this further:

thanks for your reply
The all Peplink SpeedFusion setting as below

Each wan-link setting on the SpeedFusion.
We will make sure with TW support open the support ticket

thanks again