Peplink MediaFast Certificate Installation Instructions for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

These have been carefully recreated/copied from a Peplink MediaFast 500 HwV2 FwV7.0.1
Source is taken from the URL of (NOTE: This URL and the “Certificate Download” link below can only be accessed from within the MediaFast LAN network, this is done partly due to the unique certificate file within each MFA system.)

You need to use the devices built in Safari web browser to do this, this process does not work from Google Crome (based on devices with iOS 9.x).

Peplink MediaFast

Certificate Installation Instructions

  1. Download the certificate file below

  1. Tap Install in the Install Profile screen

  2. Tap Install in the Warning screen

  3. Enter passcode if necessary

  4. Tap Done in the Profile Installed screen

  5. Reload this page to verify certificate installation