Peplink MediaFast Certificate Installation Instructions for Firefox (Windows)

These have been carefully recreated/copied from a Peplink MediaFast 500 HwV2 FwV7.0.1
Source is taken from the URL of (NOTE: This URL and the “Certificate Download” link below can only be accessed from within the MediaFast LAN network, this is done partly due to the unique certificate file within each MFA system.)

Peplink MediaFast

Certificate Installation Instructions

  1. Download the certificate file below

  1. Only select Trust this CA to identify websites., and the click OK

  2. Reload this page to verify certificate installation


I have a question. I am assuming the “Certificate Download” fixes the problem with firefox stating the https login into the router is insecure. However, I have tried the link and it goes nowhere for me so how do I download the certificate manually for firefox? I have tried your link but it is dead. Presently, I have firmware 6.3.4 for my SOHO. Thanks so much for your help.