Peplink MediaFast Certificate Installation Instructions for Chromebook

These have been carefully recreated/copied from a Peplink MediaFast 500 HwV2 FwV7.0.1
Source is taken from the URL of (NOTE: This URL and the “Certificate Download” link below can only be accessed from within the MediaFast LAN network, this is done partly due to the unique certificate file within each MFA system.)

Peplink MediaFast

Certificate Installation Instructions

  1. Prerequisite for IT administrators
    On the Peplink device, the Secure Content Caching option must be disabled prior to following these instructions

  2. Download the certificate file below

  1. Click the Chrome menu, and then click Settings

  2. Enter certificates under Search settings entry box, and then click Manage certificates…

  3. Select the Authorities tab, and then click Import…

  4. Select ca-cert.crt, and then click Open

  5. Only select Trust this certificate for identifying websites., click OK, and then click Done

  6. Reload this page to verify certificate installation