Peplink mediafast 500 - Supported Media Caching

Can someone point me to where Peplink confirm what Media distribution sites are supported. I am specifically needing confirmation that the following are indeed CACHED with MediaFast:

AMAZON PRIME Video Content (uncluding 4K UHD content)

Hi Anthony - welcome to the forum!

I haven’t used mediafast for a while, in the latest firmware you can use it for local content storage and as a hypervisor to run virtual appliances.

To cache user requested content, the mediafast has to sit inline from a SSL perspective and act as a SSL proxy between the LAN clients and the internet. To do this you would need to add its certificates to each device that will access the internet via the medifast (which works fine in a enterprise / educational environment where you have device management in place).

Let’s see what responses you get (and lets ask @sitloongs for his input too) but I don’t think the product will work like you need it to unless you have full LAN device management in place.

What’s the application / use case?

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May i know the use cases for your deployment ? The listed applications some of them purposely created to prevent end users to cache it.

Example Netflix:
Netflix | Open Connect (Solution only for ISP).


Hi - the use case is simple. I have a home that has access to very limited bandwidth and metered. I’m looking for a solution that everyone in the household who is watching the same content over and over will draw from a local cache instead of refetching from the Internet. Not only is the internet slow, but costly being metered when i balance with Verizon LTE. So looking to cache the commonly played entertainment content on Youtube, Netflix, Vimeo, Amazon Prime, AppleTV for more speedy local replays after the first download.

Has anyone worked out how to do this. Maybe i need to look at an alternative solution purpose built?.

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