Peplink Mediafast 500 - InterVlan weird error

Hello there,
just opening this tread cause i’m having an headache on this weird issue.
I have on Mediafast more then one WAN and few VLAN configured. All is working smooth with one exception.
I would like to have an interVlan trough Crew network (10.10.20.x/24) and another management network (192.168.10.x/24).
From Peplink i can ping all devices into the 192.168.10.x network without exeptions (
When i’m on Crew i can ping only few devices. Nothing more. Honestly i cannot explain why…

Peplink Mediafast500 and firmware 8.1.3

Anyone can help me on this matter? i attach few images of the configuration.

Thanks for help

2 things to check.
First that all devices on the 192.168.10.x network that you can’t ping definitely have their default gateways set to Can those devices ping for example?

Second that the devices you can’t ping don’t have firewalls that are blocking inbound traffic from IPs outside of their own LAN.

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Ehi Martin,

no all devices on 10.x have the gateway setup for i can try to change but i don’t think will change the situation.
I will try to ping 10.10.20.x from one device in the other network…is interesting.
Did you see anything else wrong?

Oh? Why? In the screenshot the mediafast 500 has an IP of if those devices are not using it to route traffic to different networks then the device they are using ( will need static routes set for all the other VLANs you want those devices to be able to route to…

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Hi Martin , this was fixed using individual outbound policies to each box on the vsats management network , we also had to get the carrier to push a new range , it refused to work on , thanks for the help !


Glad you got it working!

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