Peplink Mediafast 500-B Bug Issues

Hi Guys,

We have just purchased a Peplink Mediafast 500-B for our customer, however, during our staging, we found out that the below issues.

  • Peplink WAN port 2-5 are in disable state, and stated with “activation required”. Instead, accordingly to the knowledge database, 500-B should have all the WAN port activated and ready to use.

  • We are unable to find the “Cache Control” settings in the 500-B as mentioned on the user guide.

Is it a possible bugs? Kindly please do advice, the unit are with firmware of 6.1.2 already.

knowledge database refered:…ser_manual.pdf

Hi Alex,

From your description, it seem the unit you have is Mediafast MFA-500-A.

To confirm this, please log a support ticket here for us to take closer look at the unit. Also, do include the diagnostic report when you open the support ticket.

The “Cache Control” feature can be access from Network > MediaFast option.

Thanks and regards.

Hi WeiMing

Thanks for the reply. In fact it is 500-B for real as I have checked the product code at the status page. I have create a ticket on this.

The Mediafast Section does not show the Cache Control settings also, only have “Prefetch Schedule” settings displayed. Thx for helps.:up:

Alex - BluewaveNT

Hi Alex,

I believe your case has been taken up by our support team, and the WAN 2-5 has been activated.

Thanks and regards.