Peplink Max HD4 VRRP with Cisco 3850 switch



I have 1 cisco 3850 switch act as a L3 gateway to internet, now i would like to get a MAX HD4 and use the GSM as my backup line, my question is is the HD4 able to form VRRP with Cisco 3850 and act as a backup while Cisco as primary and when Cisco fail then only Peplink take over.

I would like to remain Cisco 3850 as my primary gateway so please don’t ask me to migrate the setting to Peplink, as i just want to confirm this VRRP are able to work together with Cisco.




We have succesfully deployed peplink and cisco in VRRP. Just note that all vrrp options are not available on the Pep (yet?).

Failover was completely transparent.


I’ve run this as well, not with a layer 3 switch but on a 1900 series router with success, the Cisco 1921 as the master and the Peplink as the slave.


Hi Venn,

Thanks for your comment, meanwhile what was the model of peplink are you using? my concern was like what you mention, not all Peplink product equip with VRRP features.


Hi Cgreen

May i know what Peplink product are you using?


Br1 minis
The balance 30 LTE doesnt have it (yet?!)


Hi Venn,

Since you are using BR1 i assume the HD4 should works as well right? Anyway thanks for your prompt response dude, appreciate it


I’ve done this with an HD4 and a Max transit duo


I expect no issue with the HD4.

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