Peplink MAX HD2 (Saudi Arabia) - Mobily 4G SIM and APN


While we configure MAX HD2 in KSA, we used two network SIM cards (STC & Mobily).
STC SIM was automatically established the network/internet but Mobily was NOT!

Problem occur due to APN not defined automatically in MAX HD2 for mobily SIM card.
After we set Mobily SIM APN “web2” (Image Attached) it start to work fine.

Note: We used Mobily 4G Post-Paid connection but this APN is for Prepaid.

If peplink tech fixed this in next firmware update would be useful to us.

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Please check with Mobily whether the prepaid APN should be used in postpaid SIM card since prepaid and postpaid do have different APN. Fyi, the APN is controlled by the ISP.

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Here you can check straight talk apn settings

@akbar12 I think you were misunderstood.
I am using “Mobily” network provider and I am using their APN. Your link / website not having Mobily network APN setting.

I am checking with Mobily provider to get official confirmation. Once I receive I will add it here.

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Mobily provider confirmed as below:

Kindly note that it’s ok if it’s working with you on web2

I have bought another MAX HD2 and use default APN setting. It doesn’t work.
Once I change the APN to web2, it start to work.

This is double confirmation now.

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