Peplink Max HD2 Power Requirements

I would like to install the Peplink Max HD2 in an off-grid setup. The setup will have 1 lan (1 device), two wan (radio modem and and ISP line) and will use one of the integrated cellular modems. The device will send very small data packets every 10 minutes. With this configuration what would the typical power consumption of the Peplink Max HD2 be?
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The HD2 Mini would require 10-56V with a max consumption of 15W. That would yield at a nominal 12V 1.25A requirement. Fairly heavy for a stand alone solar setup. Instead of an HD2 for small packets may I suggest you consider a BR1 Slim. The BR1 Slim can operate on voltages as low as 5V with a power consumption of Max.: 10W, Typical: 8.5W, Min.: 6W. Going this route would be far more energy conservative and since you are using a single cellular along with an ISP line (cable, DSL, Fiber) you would just use the cellular for example as a redundant source.