Peplink MAX HD2 LTE and MAXIS Malaysia DDNS setting solved


I have a peplink MAX HD2 (m sure will work for other Peplink also.

To connect to your Peplink remotely for the purpose of

  1. CCTV
  2. webpage login
  3. Server login

the following are the steps :

  1. apply public Ip for maxis (it’s free) and done on the spot for maxis by phone.
  2. on Peplink WAN setup page (important)
  • USER : maxis
  • PASSWORD : wap

Also allow the Peplink to be configured by remote WAN in the configuration page.

  1. the Peplink will now reconnect to maxis. The IP address will not be 10.x.x.x but over 100.x.x.x. You now can connect remotely by the IP address you get. But this remote connection must not be a from device that is also connected by Maxis wireless as they will be under the same APN. I used celcom or UNIFI

  2. add DDNS to make life easier.