Peplink MAX HD2 (5G Technology)

Hi Peplink Team,

Now a days we have 5G (LTE) network in Saudi Arabia (KSA).
I know Peplink devices are support with 3G and 4G. I need to know 5G support with your Peplink MAX HD2 and Peplink Balance 305?

Expect your prompt reply.


Hi @mohamed.zuha

Please have a look at this page and the whitepaper that follows:

As always, do let us know if this helped or if you have any follow-up questions.

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Thanks for the link 5G-Wireless SD-WAN.
But in our case, we have 6 MAX HD2 devices and 2 Balance 305 devices.

It is not easy to change all to different model devices only for 5G and cost wise it is difficult as well.
I am looking for a solution with 5G capable option in MAX HD2 and Balance 305.

You mean, above mentioned devices (HD2 and 305) technically or mechanically will not support with 5G?

Thats right. You need new platforms to support 5G.

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