Peplink MAX BR1 Pro 5G

I am a T-Mobile Home Internet (TMHI) customer and currently considering the Peplink MAX BR1 Pro 5G as a replacement for the Arcadyan KVD21. There is considerable confusion over whether the BR1 will work with TMHI by moving the SIM from the Arcadyan to the BR1. I am told the SIM card is locked to the IMEI of the Arcadyan gateway and will not work in the BR1. Others have said the SIM will work but you need to call TMHI support to have them associate the BR1 IMEI number to the SIM. And others have also said that you cannot BYOD to TMHI, they will not allow the BR1 at all. If anyone has successfully configured the BR1 to work with TMHI, could you provide some insights on your experience, what we need to do to make the BR1 work, etc?

Who are the others that have said it worked? Do you have links to those posts? My understanding is its a no go unless you are willing to edit the modem and clone IMEI.

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Not even sure why you would want to. My BR1 pro has been nothing but a slow buggy junk box. Endless frustration with slow fusion which seems to just ruin two good connections with 1 bad one. Tried to reach support with 0 help. My pep wave experience has been awful, can’t believe I bought this for $1500. Just keeping your Tmobile device honestly it works better. My pep wave will be sold shortly.

Hello Chris,

we are sorry to hear you had bad experience… From your post it looks like that you already made a decision, but still we would like to learn what when wrong so that we could improve in the future.

We tried to find the support ticket reported by you, but we couldn’t find one. Could you please let us know the ticket support number you have reported? In case it was different support channel please let us know your support contact.

Thanks for the responses. “They” are consumers on Reddit. I did not keep track of who said what. I’m glad I posted here before making any purchases. I did hear from someone at T-Mobile that confirmed, BYOD is not allowed with TMHI. However, it may be allowed with their Business Internet. Trying to find out. But reading the post from Chris gives me pause. Honestly, I’m trying to find a solid cellular gateway with external antenna capabilities to replace the Arcadyan. If the BR1 isn’t the right option, I’m open to suggestions.

@David_Ishmael, TMHI SIM card may not work with Peplink equipment, but the Magenta Max post paid plan does. See screenshot below. I just pulled the SIM card out of another Peplink device and it worked right away with no issues.

Additionally, you could swap to the Magenta Max and add TMHI as an extra line it appears. Blue box in second picture

I wanted to follow up to this thread. I ended up switching over from T-Mobile Home Internet (TMHI) to T-Mobile Business Internet (TMBI) and ordered the Peplink MAX BR1 Pro 5G. I worked directly with a TMo business specialist, provided him with my IMEI and an Employer ID Number. The TMo business specialist entered all the info and then shipped me a new SIM card overnight. I plugged everything in, attached my external Waveform 4x4 antenna based on the directions from the Waveform site - boom, everything worked perfectly. I’ve turned off the WiFi and a few other Peplink settings that weren’t needed. So far, things are working perfectly. Happy customer.

Connectivity Averages

  • Download: 200 Mb/s
  • Upload: 20 Mb/s
  • Latency: 40 ms

I’ve been considering moving from TMHI to T-Mobile Business Internet as well. My question is: is it also tied to a physical address or can you move around with it?

Not sure about mobility, you’d have to talk with the TMo rep to see what they say. The guy I spoke with covered my area and was both knowledgeable and helpful. Give them a call, talk is cheap. :slight_smile: