PepLink Max BR1 Mini and Google FI

I have been using our router with Google FI for at least a month with no issues. Suddenly i get “Connecting or Obtaining IP Adress” but it will not connect. 4 to 5 bars so signal strength is good. Happened as we went into NC from FL. Talked to Google FI and tested the data cards in iPad and they connect quickly with no issues. When i scan the networks, the device can see the Google FI provider. I have tried to manually force but the issue remains. All other settings are at default values except for APN which is h2g2.

I have upgraded the firmware to the latest - 8.1.2
I have Reset the configuration to factory defaults and only added the APN values. No other changes
Both antennas are plugged in

Even after above the same issue remains.

Any help much appreciated.

Hi and welcome to the forum!
You have done everything I would have done to verify the SIM and signal on the BR1 mini.
I would suggest you log a ticket with engineering for in depth assistance.

Where is the unit installed?

Check antenna orientation, 2 cellular antennas in a v pattern, the wifi off pointed slightly off to the side.
Confirm you are at least 4 feet away from another wifi source.
Confirm you are using a 12v 2amp power supply.
Try to select tmobile for network mode.
Try another sim provider if still not working.

To hopefully help others:
We are running Google FI cards
We had the APN set to h2g2 as per Google instructions

Had to get ticket from tier 2 who simply selected Auto for APN and away the system went.

Odd thing for others to know is that this worked just fine in FL and up to Beaufort NC.
After that no go until we selected AUTO for APN.



I had forgotten to mention that, to use the apn, sorry.
I have also noticed that some regions need the apn and others don’t.