Peplink MAX BR1 - block usenet and bittorrent services

Good day,

We are planning to use the Peplink MAX BR1 for providing internet using 3G/4G connections. Our test unit is working perfectly so-far but we seem to be unable to block Usenet / p2p (bittorrent) services.

When opening the firewall access rules, both services are not listed as an option to block.

Is there more information on how I can block these services?

Thanks in advance.

You would need to know the exact port numbers these services are using and blocking p2p/bittorrent via port numbers is literally almost impossible.

You may want to look at signing up for service with OpenDNS.

Hello Tim,

Thanks for your reply. As far as I understand it will therefore not be possible to block these services with the MAX BR1. Is there another product with a 3G/4G modem that is capable of blocking these services (without OpenDNS or specifying port numbers)?

As I understood from OpenDNS they are also not able to block bittorrent / usenet as they can only block the websites linked to these services (not the actual downloading / uploading).

I am not aware of any such product with a 3G/4G modem that can block this traffic at the protocol level.